Please do not add any effects to the master bus and leave some headroom meaning you want the master track to peak no higher than -3db.
Send high quality .wav or AIFF files if possible. I can work with mp3’s as well, however please note that they are lower quality. I will send back any file extension you like (.wav, .mp3, 16 bit file for cd, etc.).


Please check your mix carefully for clicks, pops & vocal sibilance (using a de-esser is standard on vocal tracks to get rid of “s” hissing sounds).

For large files you can use which is free and easy or any site you like. For smaller files you can email me directly at:

Mastering from stems:

This allows for changes during the mastering session without having to resubmit your song.  If a vocal or kick drum is buried in the mix I can, with your approval, bring up the levels so you don’t have to.

Stems should be supplied exactly as they are intended to be in your mix. This means all stems when played back together should create your stereo mix exactly as you want it to sound. All effects used during your mix should be printed into these stems in order to reproduce your mix in full.  Stems can also be referred to as the “tracks” in your songs…if the song has eight tracks, you would send all eight tracks with the effects, levels, and panning built-in.  The length of each track would match the length of the song so everything lines up.